The best time in our lives is during our youth, when we are all young, strong and stress free. While young our bodies can fight almost every dangerous disease, but as we grow older our bodies begin to fail us. When you are at your very best both physically and mentally you can achieve anything, aging deprives many people off this feeling, but this can all be restored with lifewave patches.

In 2004 LifeWave company was born with its main objective being to help people by providing radical technologies for personal improvement. They produced a series of lifewave patches which provide fantastic health benefits to anyone who uses them. These unique patches are a hundred percent herb & chemical free. This patches use a unique non-transdermal technique, meaning that instead of penetrating your body, this patches communicate with your body’s natural energy-levels.

When your energy system is balanced, your body’s healing capability tends to function properly. This way you become stress free, healthy and with no muscle tension. Your face will always be smooth and relaxed with no or obvious smooth wrinkles and lines. The balanced energy system prevents any build up of dangerous toxins throughout your body.

The lifewave patches

Lifewave has various innovative & technologically superior products all designed to offer you optimum health benefits minus any herbal or chemical interference. Some of these lifewave patches include:

Ice wave patch

This patch helps by delivering quick and drug-free pain-relief to various body parts by stimulating various acupressure points on your body. Since it is an exclusive thermal-regulatory product, ice wave acts very fast and it has been proven to help reduce pains, aches and inflammation throughout your entire body within some few minutes.

Silent night patch

This natural lifewave patch helps by improving your sleep significantly. Silent night works by providing an improved & balanced energy-flow all through your energy meridians, thus providing you with a relaxed and uncomplicated rest. Remember a perfectly rested body has reduced chances of experiencing illnesses or accident because of fatigue.

Energy enhancer

This unique patch uses various magnetic fields to help transfer resonant-energy and stimulate various acupressure-points on your body resulting in improved energy flow within some few minutes. Your body tends to burn some extra fats to create energy while using this lifewave patch.

SP6 Complete

Also referred to as appetite-control patch; this homeopathic patch works by curbing your food cravings thus regulating your appetite. This is a unique, convenient and natural approach to weight-management. This patch works by rebalancing your energy points & metabolic functions responsible for your appetite.

Lifewave has also produced various Y-age lifewave patches which can help improve your entire being. Some of them include:

1. Y-age Glutathione-this anti-aging patch helps by improving your body’s production of glutathione, which is responsible for immunity improvement and detoxification. Normally your body stops producing this antioxidant when you turn 35 years.

2. Y-age Aeon- this unique patch helps with stress reduction and it works by re-balancing your body’s auto-immune system thus improving your health.

3. Y-age Carnosine- this unique patch contributes to your well being by improving the bio-electrical properties of your organs. This patch repairs your cells and help control the acidity level within your muscles. Normally, you body produces carnosine, but as you begin to age your carnosine level reduces.

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